Cipco Cleaning Corner Tip #2:

When vacuuming oriental or braided rugs with fringes, use extra care. Use a flat attachment on the fringes to protect them. A power brush will ruin the fringes

One Step Ahead in Cleaning



Our "Quality Control" 10 point system includes:
  • Complete Bathroom surfaces cleaned and sanitized
  • Kitchen Surfaces cleaned including outside of all appliances, cabinets, and inside of microwave
  • All floors and stairs vacuumed including under beds
  • Vinyl, tiled, and wood floors washed
  • Dusting of all woodwork, casings and sills
  • Dusting of all furniture
  • Spot cleaning inside windows
  • Washing of inside all glass doors, including sliders
  • Empty trash containers and replace liners
  • Dusting of ceiling fans

Move In/Move Out

Our Move in/Move Out cleaning services are perfect for getting your new home ready for move in day or cleaning up the home for the new owners or tenants after you have moved out. Move In/Move Out cleaning service also include everything in our "Quality Control" 10 point check cleaning system plus:
  • Washing inside of all cabinets and drawers in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Cleaning inside of all closets
  • Washing of inside windows and tracks
  • Washing all woodwork, casings and sills
If you would like the walls to be washed for a move in/move out cleaning you will need to schedule our "Heavy Cleaning" service.

Heavy Cleaning Services

Our Heavy Cleaning services come in when a deeper type of cleaning is needed. This type of cleaning is usually a good way to start if you are looking to start on a basic cleaning schedule. Once you have our Heavy Cleaning service and get on a basic weekly or bi-weekly scheduled clean, you may never have to deep clean the house again!
Our Heavy Cleaning service includes everything in our "Quality Control" 10 point check system cleaning plus a whole lot more such as:
  • Washing woodwork, casings and sills
  • Washing of walls (Spot or Full)
  • Washing inside windows (Inside or Out or both)
  • Moving all moveable furniture to clean underneath and behind
  • Customer specialty products customer requests